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About Us

City radio is an online radio station platform owned by Boys Room Media, this media close corporation was established by Collin Mokuchana in 2006 with the intention to participate and be influential in South African media industry. City radio on the other hand was created to connect communities by linking community radio stations with its listeners, Government, private sector and other community radio station, hence City Radio pay off line that says” Connecting Communities”.

While City Radio is committed to connect the communities, it also intentional to educate, inform and entertain its listeners and the listeners of other community radio station that is simulcasting to as per the primary objectives of most South African community radio stations.

City Radio also plays a very important role of supporting community radio stations through creating and providing appealing content through its only live radio shows being simulcast and with very

appealing podcast series and episodes and this support objective is to help the community radio station increase its listenership and therefore generate more revenue so they are able to deliver on the mandated of their respective licences.

City Radio programming is 70% talk and 30% music and we are catering for 3 – 9 LSM with the aged grouping of 16 – 49 years aged that include all races and nationalities with English and Sesotho as the preferred language of presentation to attract and service the people of Free State province. City Radio Music policy is 50% South African music and 50% international music which comprises of R&B, Soul, Afro-pop, Hip-hop and house music.

City Radio also have a large number of different podcast series and episodes that are created on daily that will consist of many topics, themes and issues and some of this podcast will be provided to community radio station for station to broadcast them in their respective platforms.

What we do

Studio Services


We have created a balance of local content that include sports, crime, social, relationships and music with a clear objective to inform, educate and entertain our listeners and this show are presented by the most talented local personalities.

City Radio TV

Equally to our interesting and balanced audio content, we have created visual content to meet the high demand for online videos by our listeners, because of the evolution of media, media companies no longer focus on only one way of broadcasting, the four industrial revolution require innovative ways of communicating and that is multimedia broadcasting.

Online Streaming

We have ensured that we deliver the best content to our listeners and audience, that include using state of the art equipment to ensure that every information that is transmitted is at its highest form and sound is received that way.


  • Black and White issue (social)

  • The Big interview

  • On – Point Magazine

  • City property

  • Government at work

  • City fashion with by Richy Missy

  • City Beatz by Ray & Cox (music)

  • The Radio Cell (religious)

  • Surviving the City (crime/social)

  • Helen show (lifestyle)

Our media assets include Two Online Radio stations and Podcast Platforms.


Weekend schedule

  • 06H00 – 09H00

    The City breakfast

  • 09H00 – 11H00

    City fashion

    City property, Work issues with HR Room

  • 11H00 – 15H00

    Booking slots for Podcast and OB

  • 15H00 – 18H00

    Drive on the N8

  • 18H00 – 20H00

    The City sports show, The Radio cell, Cutta Cross

Weekend schedule

  • 07H00 – 09H00

    Divine touch – for your spirit & soul

  • 09H00 – 11H00

    The City top 20 hits

  • 11H00 – 14H00

    The TJ lifestyle show (food, tourism and entertainment)

  • 14H00 – 17H00

    The Leiks D show

  • 17H00 – 19H00

    City beats


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