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City radio is an online Content audio and video platform, Owned by Boys Room Media. Boys Room media a close corporation that was founded by Collin and Nthibane Mokuchana in 2006 and have since being actively participating positively to local media industry.Ours core objective is to connect communities with Social, Business, Government, Labour and Political organizations by create, hosting, Publishing and distributing appealing content through our website, applications and Community media. While City Radio is committed to connect communities, its intention is to educate, inform and entertain South African. City Radio also plays a very important role of supporting community radio stations through creating appealing content, playing fresh music and generating revenue for community radio stations.

City Radio programming is 70% talk and 30% music. The platform caters for 6 – 9 LSM middle class with the aged grouping of 20 – 49 years and our primary broadcasting language is English. City Radio Music policy is 50% South African and 50% international music which comprises of R&B, Neo-Soul, Afro-pop, Hip-hop, Dance and Gospel music. Our key content production format is podcasting. We create and host different types of podcast created for City Radio listeners and for various organization’s constituencies’ ranging from employees, followers, supporters, fans, members and subscribers. And some of our podcast focuses on Politics, Sports, Business, Social ills, Labour and Government.

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What we do

We create, host and publish audio and video content for our listeners, community media, individual, Government, Social and Business organization. | Rent out our broadcasting and production facility for private and public use. | We develop strategy and produce appealing content for our client’s marketing communication and advertising needs.



We rent out our production facilities to our client for podcast and video production. Both our outside broadcast van and main studios are equipped with the state-of-the-art units to ensure that production of podcast and streaming simulcasting is done professionally and efficiently. Our OB van have air-conditioner, internet, mic arms, furniture and enough space for a successful outside broadcast project

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Equally, to our interesting and balanced audio content, we create appealing visual content to meet the high demand for online videos by our listeners, because of the evolution of media, media companies no longer focus on only one way of broadcasting, the four industrial revolution require innovative ways of communicating and that is multimedia broadcasting. And content marketing is the current way of communication for organizations and we are spearheading that movement

Online Streaming


We have created a balance of local content that include sports, crime, social, relationships and music with a clear objective to inform, educate and entertain our listeners and this show are presented by the very talented local personalities.

We believe in providing exceptional service. Our goal is to provide unique and genuine personal care and attention that our customers will tell stories about long after their visit.   We also believe that a podcast is the best way for a brand to tell great stories. Stories are our superpower, so we create “story first” podcasts that draw and engage an audience in meaningful ways. Everything we do starts with strategy. What are the objectives of the podcast? Who is the audience? What is the purpose of the podcast? These are some of the questions we ask ourselves before we do anything. Based on the strategy our team develops a series of show concepts, which we present to our clients.

Our Rental Services

Podcast recording studio rentals.

Do you need to start recording your podcast episodes, look no further, visit our City Radio studios In Dr Belcher road and experience amazing high class studio production, but if you are not around Bloemfontein or you are not able to come to the studios, Have City Radio Podcast Studio come to you! We bring our professional recording equipment, Outside broadcast vehicle and experienced sound engineers to your home, office, conference or live event. All our studios are well ventilated with air conditions, top of the range radio production equipment, good quality and balance sound output and well-maintained microphones to ensure a quality voice output.

Community and School Sport broadcasting.

Through our partnerships with community radio stations, City radio have created a sport broadcasting services that broadcast mainly community and school sports events through community radio frequencies and on City radio platforms, this is done in a professional well produced process using state of the art equipment and City radio broadcasting vehicles equipped with quality remote broadcasting equipment. For more information or if want City Radio to come to broadcast you event, please contact our booking office at sales@cityradio.co.za. For the purposes of the look, please feel free to add visual images of sports broadcasting if you have.

We also offer

Remote podcast recording. Our remote recordings use audio software to connect you and your guest from any corner of the world. A sound engineer will connect all participants, record it via our sound system, edit and process the recording file afterwards with a 24-hour turnaround file delivery time.When you book city radio studios Each booking at City Radio comes with an Engineer who will lead you & your guests to your recording room, set everything up, perform mic checks and come back for the end of the recording to stop and save the file.

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